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The situation is serious, all the experts remind: Please do not go out! And because the do not understand all the people in the corona of a crisis (or at least not all of them take it seriously), has formed a dangerous counter-trend: Now all of a sudden private Corona celebrated parties!

Two types of Corona-parties

There are even two different types of Corona-parties. The a fall, rather, under the Motto of “we can’t let anything happen, and we celebrate let us also not prohibit”. The other type we find abhorrent – because it’s here Party People together to celebrate, to infect yourself intentionally with the Coronavirus! No joke: In the case of Facebook, there are private events in which friends and Known each other Private celebrations in their own home invite.

The one who expose themselves deliberately to the risk of infection, or even the aim for Contracting the disease, keep track of some of them are a crude Plan: you think if you plug in now, do you have it, in a sense, “behind”, and be immune to the Coronavirus. This is not medical, at least, controversial, a reference to the fact that you can immunize against Corona, there are.

Hans-Ulrich Jörges

Under quarantine: If it gets out of your life

Not there!

Make no mistake about it: There will always be some unteachable men, who think that you do not have to adhere to the admonitions of science and policy. Most likely, we will not be able to re-educate as well. But you always have yourself in the Hand: do not Let yourselves be infected with the festive mood, with Corona! If you invite friends to a Private Party, the invitation also friendly knocking out. If you have planned a Party, maybe a birthday or something, you can consider whether you want to cancel this Celebration. In these turbulent times, we should refrain from a couple of weeks. Then we manage to defeat this damn Virus! Every man for himself and all together!

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