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When it comes to the Gym about muscle mass building, it comes sooner or later to the question: What is the structure of the muscle more effectively Training with free weights or machines?

Of course, both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. In an Interview with the Portal ‘POPSUGAR’ betrayed the Fitness trainer Liz Letchford, for whom, what type of training is best suited for.

More freedom of movement with free Weights

If you want to strengthen the exercise, a total of your functional movement patterns and your muscle mass, then you can help of free Weights and dumbbells to success.

“Free Weights give you a greater freedom of movement for functional tasks such as Jumping with Weights go,” says Letchford.

So, for example, knee-to cause to bend with a free barbell for a stronger response and thus a larger growth of muscle groups as a supported squat on the machine.

For all the people who are very small or disproportionately large, offer the free Weights also have an advantage over the specifications of the machine:

“Machines often only work in a line and force a particular range of motion. So if you are smaller or larger than the default, or standard, practice, you may be wrong,” white Coach Letchford.

Risk of injury is higher

The use of free weights can not bring the muscle-building benefits, but is not for everyone. Especially beginners who do not receive instructions from a coach, can make mistakes easily.

“In the case of free Weights of the body must contribute to the stabilization. This need to move the muscles more and make an effort. This leads logically to greater strength gains,” says Liz Letchford.

If you do not know, however, how you should Exercise properly run, and it can explain, no one is correct, then prefer to see it. In the worst case, the incorrect execution leads to injuries.

The same applies to the selection of Weights: although free dumbbells to improve your stability can be a to early weight increase is counterproductive.

Before you go to more Weights, always make sure that you perform the Exercise correctly and you the necessary strength to really spend can.

Machine particularly suitable for beginners

Especially for beginners or after a sporting break, the machines are a good choice. The settings and dial in the volume you get the best of a coaches show.

As soon as you can handle the equipment safely and 100 percent, and you’ve also built up enough power, you can use free Weights to train your joint stability.

Good to know: to use The machine, it does not mean, however, that the Exercise should be less strenuous.

“There are devices that are for the muscles are actually heavier than the free Weights,” says Letchford. “These systems eliminate the self-stabilizing inertia acting on objects.” Without this inertia, the body must work to compensate for harder.


Before you decide to use dumbbells or devices, you should be in the Clear, at which point your body is in and what is the objective you are persecuting with your Workouts.

If you are unsure, ask for advice or fall back rather on the simple and simple machines. So you avoid injuries and keep the joy in your Workouts.

Generally speaking, muscles are always in need of new stimuli in order to grow. The variance makes it so, and it does not matter whether you choose free Weights or machines. Just change regularly, then the muscle growth in the way.

Cornelia Bertram

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