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Dr. Eckhart von hirschhausen [00:00:00] Closer to can I him not to come, the German Mega virologist Christian Drosten. My Users have many, many questions. Three, I would like to get rid of. Many do not walk around with the Virus, but you know, if we have him, and perhaps with no symptoms. Must walk, must keep Jogging, even if you feel sick?

Dr. Christian Drosten [00:00:27] I believe that this sponsorship of a Virus, if you look at the so imagine, there is not really. There is a presymptomatic period of maybe one or two a day, where it is already infectious. And there are many patients who say they have no symptoms. But if you ask again, you have to Scratch a little in the neck. So asyptomatisch, because I’m not so sure.

Hirschhausen [00:00:52] How at risk are asthmatics? They are also considered as vorerkrankt? There are also many children who have Asthma.

Drosten [00:01:01] It is a matter of fact, a not well controlled Asthma as a risk must apply in this disease. And why you should, if it is not set well, if we have it served straight or so. Then you need to see his doctor. Because it must be well set. Lung function must be good. Now, before this stage comes.

Hirschhausen [00:01:44] How vulnerable are we in Germany? We basically are anyway healthier? We have better health care? Or we are lagging behind just of international development for a few weeks or months?

Drosten [00:01:59] The environmental pollution up to little say. We have less smoke. Because we have to say: Now is the best time to stop. So really. A total of, for example, in a European comparison, we have beds, a relatively large number of intensive. We already have a good education. We have driven the last 15 years, but also a lot of out of it.

Hirschhausen [00:02:21] At this point, once in a great thanks for your wonderful communication of science, with all the uncertainties that you have, and also in their own Learning, are they then became examples. And I very like everything that goes through your head on your shoulders and also by the expert panels. How can you protect yourself from Fake News? There is also Mr Vodac, for example, that says: That’s not all not so bad. Swine flu had made her panic. Why is it this time more serious than the swine flu?

Drosten [00:02:52] Well, now, here, says, it all has nothing to do with it, then it is of course misleading. We need to lead whole-of-society communication processes, in order to convey something that is extremely painful in the instant action, and specifically is something is a month in the future. And this is extremely difficult to convey. And if such false votes to come, then it makes a whole lot of broken. This not only makes the insecurity and the Anger, but the cost of human lives in the worst case.

Hirschhausen [00:03:28] So, as is the case with the washing hands and no germs to pass on in the News that you yourself can’t assess can, no nonsense more scatter, but to the voice of science heard. Which site you recommend yourself? Where do you find out?

Drosten [00:03:43] For the Updartes I look not at Johns Hopkins, a special case of the Europeans the Centers for Disease Control. The have the in a very nice, compact way. And you also have a case table that you can copy with one click in Excel.

Hirschhausen [00:03:57] Pro tips there’s more here at Hirschhausen at Home. Thanks to Christian Drosten, and to all who strive for serious science communication in this serious situation. So stay home, stays well and stays well informed.