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The Green politician Cem Özdemir has survived his Covid-19-disease. His two children and his wife had tested negative were, he told the star. Therefore, the domestic quarantine had been by the authorities repealed. Özdemir had at 18. March the news of his infection with the Coronavirus can get, and this is also made public. “I was anyway as a precaution, stayed home, after I had for two days, mainly gastro-intestinal symptoms. Neither dry cough even breathing problems. Therefore, I had to get first, no Corona Test,” said Cem Özdemir. Özdemir presents then, is clear: “To me, you need to first not Worry.” He’ll go with his Corona disease to the Public, to show that “can infect each and every one of us.”


These people have survived Corona – your immunity is our great treasure

Chills, shortness of breath, went crazy for some digestion – the symptoms of Covid-19 are very different. However, all Recovering have in common: you are now immune to the Virus. What we have all of them.

Now he is healed – when we go shopping he is carrying in spite of surviving the disease, a mask, Özdemir continued. “People who knew of my disease, to change the side of the road, if you recognize me. Finally, many noticed that I was ill, but not necessarily, I put it behind me.”

“As genesener Covid-19-Patient, I would like to blood plasma donations for research. However, any research has a purely in the direction of their own rules and deadlines,” says Özdemir more. The Exit debate in Germany, Özdemir thinks rashly. “I’m afraid we are rather in front of the mountain than over it.“

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– A detailed Report on the first who had been cured of the disease, you can find here.

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