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Not every woman takes a liking to men with a beard. According to an Australian study, women with desire to have children of bearded men feel especially alone, rather quenched. The researchers have also investigated why this is so.

In a survey of 919 women, as assessed with varying degrees of relationship status, the attractiveness of bearded and clean-shaven men for long-term and short-term relationships. It showed that some of them are attracted to men with lush facial hair, as a Partner for short – or long-term relationships into account. Especially Single women who wanted to have children, preferred shaved faces, while married women were in the study, no clear preferences.

Disgust for parasites

For the reasons surveyed, said many of the women do not like beards, a disgust against parasites such as lice or fleas. The researchers led by Dr Barnaby Dixson, of the Department of psychology at the University of Queensland, according to the study, support the so-called hypothesis, for the avoidance of parasites: according to This, the disgust and the fear of ticks, lice &amp has; Co contributed to the fact that our ancestors felt attracted to a little more hairy partners, and with time, your strong hair lost.

Dixson is of the opinion that it is also the growing cultural Trend of men and women is due to removing hair in other regions of the body such as chest, arms, legs and the pubic area.