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Reigning World’s Strongest Man Martins Licis continues to get his training in during quarantine. He recently showed off his hanging workout in his home gym, as well as his workout that included a series of isolation squats.

But in his latest workout video, he’s showing his fans a lightweight routine meant to rehab his shoulders—and talking about why it’s important that he takes a break from lifting the heavy stuff.

“It’s a pressing day, just getting my rehab work in from Dr. Aaron Horschig, DPT, of Squat University,” he says.

He warms up with some shoulder presses using a barbell without any weight.

“What I’m doing is trying to really keep my shoulder blade drawn back down, opening up the shoulder capsule… it takes a lot of focus,” he says.

Next, he uses a plunger. (Yes, a toilet plunger.) He places the plunger against a wall, placing the handle in the center of his palm and doing small rotations with it.

“I’m using a plunger for shoulder rehab. It’s something I modified from Squat University. It’s supposed to be done with a Swiss ball, but I find it more functional with a plunger,” he says. “Not only will you heal your shoulder, but you’ll improve your plunging skills.”

Next, he moves to front shoulder presses using a bar with ‘light’ weights, followed by another set with heavier weight, eventually getting up to 220 pounds on the bar. But that’s as heavy as things get.

After that, he moves to the floor to do skull crushers using a 135 pound barbell. Then he moves to overhead tricep extensions with a resistance band anchored into the wall.

“I’m doing overhead tricep extensions nice and slow to really stretch out my shoulder capsule,” he says. “I try to bend over parallel to the floor with the band anchored above me. I extend and stretch my lats and push open.”

His next moves are a front raises, side raises, and bent over rows using 15 pound free dumbbells.

“All very slow, just light weight to heal up the joints,” he says.

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