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You can see in the Video, why the WHO “immunity passes” due to Corona for dangerous holds.

The world health organization has warned the States not to rely in the fight against the Corona of a pandemic on the immunity of recovering Covid-19-patients. Currently there is no indication that those who survived infection and antibody would be formed, be protected against a second infection, said the WHO on Saturday. Some governments have proposed that persons with Corona-antibodies in the blood of so-called “immunity passes” or clearance certificates to be issued, which again, without any restrictions to travel or may work in the organization. This practice could actually increase the risk of further spread. It is also unclear how reliable the currently used antibodies tests. The Tests would clearly demonstrate whether someone has survived an infection with the corona virus, the Covid-19 triggers. It must be ensured that they react to other corona viruses types, for example, that trigger a harmless runny nose.