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As for Prepon and Foster, the couple have been social distancing with their two kids amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) global health crisis — but that isolation and spending time "bonding as a family" is something they "had already planned" anyway, given the new arrival.

"The transition wasn't as startling for us because we had already planned on having that early time with our kids and bonding and that wonderful time right after the baby comes — that special time of just being in this little time capsule," says Prepon of the "surreal" situation. "We really try to balance being informed, which is very stressful because you go to the news and it's scary."

"So we're really just trying to balance that with levity where we can and trying to laugh where we can and make sure our kids don't feel that stress from us as we try to stay informed," she explains.

Prepon feels "happy and blessed to have [her] two healthy children, especially given what we went through with the second pregnancy that we lost," she tells PEOPLE — and for Mother's Day this upcoming Sunday, she's hoping they "can just be a family with no devices … I want to be device free and just with our kids and that's it."

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