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High blood pressure is suffering of a people. In Germany alone is estimated to have between 20 and 30 million people with high blood pressure. Often, the risk remains undetected, because the Suffering produces little or no symptoms. The diagnosis and proper treatment are important because untreated high blood pressure increased over the years, the risk for serious diseases: congestive heart failure includes, but also stroke, heart attack and kidney failure.

The Corona-pandemic sheds light on all of this Suffering. Clinical data from several countries show that people with diseases of the cardiovascular system have a higher risk for a severe course.

The Trend in Covid-19 indicated already in mid-February with preliminary data from China: Although there are other diseases such as Diabetes and cancer can increase the risk for complications following infection with Sars-CoV-2. However, the mortality rate was higher in patients with cardiovascular disease (10.5 per cent) particularly high. In the case of high blood pressure alone was six percent.

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When you are immune against the Coronavirus?

Search for the reasons

Doctors the world try to explore the reasons for this statistical increase. Models of explanation, there are many. Not to play for all cardiovascular diseases a causal role. Due to the thin data, the pros and Cons of each of the hypotheses has to be balanced, but heavy. Researchers, therefore, stress the importance of detailed clinical data, particularly from Germany, since here the age of the Infected is significantly lower than in other countries. The corresponding data are currently collected in the so-called Leoss-Register.

The individual explanation models in the Overview:

How should patients deal with these many open questions? Especially: What is the meaning of take for the medication of blood pressure patients ACE-inhibitor – an agent that influence the complexity of ACE Regulation of the body has? This blood-pressure-lowering drugs are currently suspected to influence the disease course of Covid-19 both positive and negative.

High blood pressure: Discontinuation of medication carries risks

Thomas ash Hagen, Director of the Institute of Experimental pharmacology and toxicology at the UKE Hamburg, warns against überstürztem action: ACE inhibitor should be discontinued “no, absolutely not”. “Just because the data is too uncertain.” Also Steffen Masserberg stresses: “it is Important that the cardiovascular disease is treated.” The better this is treated, the better the course of a possible Covid-19 infection was suspected. What would have to observe the pre-loaded people in addition? “Otherwise, what applies to all the others is of course consistent with the currently valid Separation and contact reduction”, so Masserberg Comply with.

At the Moment there is unfortunately a great reluctance for many patients to go to pharmacies, the physicians. This would mean that essential drugs will not be taken to the part. The blood pressure jumps in an uncontrolled manner in the height, that poses enormous health risks. One way to avoid frequent pharmacy visits, is about to get larger medication packages prescribe, according to the expert. It is important, medications for high blood pressure continuously take.

Also, patients should pay attention to the classic symptoms of a heart attack – and take it seriously. The fear of infection with Sars-CoV-2 should not lead to emergency patients began to shun hospitals. “Diseases that we see as emergencies are, of course, continue to be emergencies,” says Masserberg. The fear of a contagion due to a hospital visit was not justified because the patient flows are separated from each other.

Sources: German High Pressure League / Science Media Centre

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