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Every third adult in Germany has knowledge of a change in the thyroid – often without it. By Over – or under-function of the sensitive organ of the body quickly out of Balance. Weight gain, depression, complete Freeze can be the consequences.

Our metabolism ensures that oxygen and energy from food to reach every cell of the body. Thus, the complex supply and disposal works, is a series of hormones necessary. The most important of these messengers produce the thyroid gland and the pancreas.

The thyroid gland with mixes everywhere

The thyroid is the most important Organ for metabolism. You are influenced by your hormones many processes. The butterfly-shaped gland in the neck becomes active, if the hormone TSH from the pituitary gland it stimulates.

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T3 and T4 control us, around the clock

The thyroid hormones triiodothyronine (T3) and Tetra-iodothyronine (thyroxine, T4) are activating in fundamental metabolic processes. You influence many other hormone-producing organs. T3 has a much greater biologic potency, T4 is in much higher concentration.

Active in the womb

Together, T3 and T4 increase the energy turnover, are responsible for the oxygen consumption of the cells, the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, the function of the cardiovascular system and the gastro-intestinal tract, the growth and intellectual development – starting in the womb.

The TSH value in the blood reveals whether the thyroid gland produces the right amount of hormones. A low TSH indicates an overactive thyroid. A high value is an indication for a sub-function of the organ. Malfunctions are common, the symptoms are often associated, but not with the thyroid gland in connection.

Overactive makes you jittery, sub-function, slows down

Symptoms of hyperthyroidism tachycardia, hypertension, agitation, weight loss, increased sweating can be, diarrhea, hair loss, irritability, depressive moods, and insomnia. The hormone production to inhibit the medicines, the anti-thyroid drugs,.


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An underactive thyroid can produce skin with reduced performance, weakness, lack of Drive, loose, swollen eyelids, fatigue, easy Cold, cold hands and feet, depression, chronic constipation, weight gain, and loss of appetite. Here are tablets to help with artificial thyroxine. The hormone, the Patient must take pills for life.

Insulin – the “Diabetes-hormone”

The pancreas (pancreatic) in the upper part of the stomach produces up to three liters of fluid, which contains digestive enzymes. Special cells of the organ, Insulin, the most well-known metabolic-hormonal form. Insulin ensures that sugar (glucose) pass from the blood into the cells and as a fuel used. It lowers the blood sugar level and affects fat and protein metabolism. The hormone of the pancreas plays a Central role in Diabetes or obesity – the biggest Plagues of our time.

The pancreas limp, makes Diabetes

The body is regularly flooded with glucose from the food, increases the pancreas first of all, the production of insulin. In the long term, but the blood sugar metabolism tilts: The insulin-producing cells in the pancreas of the work. The person is now diabetic, he has chronic metabolic disorder of type 2 Diabetes mellitus.

Pregnant women need more Insulin

In addition, there are the type-1 Diabetes, an autoimmune disease that breaks out most often in the youth. The cells of the immune system destroy the insulin-producing cells. The common pregnancy diabetes goes on usually after the birth of itself. Then the production of insulin enough for the sugar metabolism of the woman.

Excess sugar is converted into fat and stored in the tissue. The more fat in the adipose tissue is stored, the more Insulin is needed for the management of lipid metabolism.

For diabetics the insulin injection is necessary for life

The pancreas stops the insulin production, you need to be Concerned, spraying the survival of important hormone individually metered under the skin. So you can control your blood sugar levels over the long term and normalize.


Insulin needs against players

The pancreas also produces the hormone glucagon, the counterpart to the insulin. It causes the organism with the energy needed to dismantle a reserve of sugar glucose in the blood stream emits. The Interplay of Insulin and glucagon normally keeps a stable blood sugar level maintained.

While increased energy use in heavy work, sports or Stress – also game the hormones cortisone and cortisol into the Metabolism. You can increase the concentration of Glucose in the blood. The hormones from the adrenal gland from also build protein in the muscle and fat from adipose tissue. In addition, you have an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic.

Hormones against Obesity?

Hormones that control appetite and satiety, are in the last few years in the point of view of metabolism experts. Particularly Ghrelin and Leptin were used as weapons against Overweight and obesity into consideration. The results of the research are contradictory.

Ghrelin makes you more hungry

Ghrelin is produced predominantly in the gastric mucosa and stimulates the appetite. In periods of Starvation, the Ghrelin level in the blood rises after eating, he drops. Lack of sleep stimulates Ghrelin secretion and contributes in this way, presumably, to the development of obesity.

Animal experiments showed that the hormone-anxiety and anti-depressive, but at the same time hungry, and therefore rather thick, as slim makes.

“Ghrelin” is translated as an abbreviation for Growth Hormone Release Inducing, the secretion of growth hormone stimulating. This is in addition to the appetite, promote the second main task of Ghrelin.

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    Leptin has fat killer potential

    Leptin, the form mainly of fat cells, regulate fat metabolism and inhibits hunger feelings. So, it could be a good appetite suppressant. But Ironically, many obese people have a particularly high Leptin levels. In the meantime, you know that there is a resistance to the satiety hormone. Other Overweight could help Leptin may.

    The Leptin research continues, even to a different use of the hormone: Leptin has been proven in animal studies as a better Alternative to Insulin, at least for a type 1 diabetic.


    Coordinated Interaction of two Unknown

    Metabolic hormones are almost always with the player, you will regulate of itself, or from support from a different source. As an example, here are two less well-known hormones that work together to ensure a good digestion:

    Secretin from the small intestine stimulates bile production and gastric motility, as well as the production of stomach inhibits acid. Gastrin is produced in the gastric mucosa, and increases gastric motility, promotes the formation of acid in the stomach and increases the secretion of bile and pancreatic secretions.

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    With Material by: German society for endocrinology (DGE), internists in the network