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As last week, the first loosening of the Corona-protection measures were announced, the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, also publicly for the volunteers Wearing face masks.

A FIT-FOR-FUN survey in cooperation with Civey has now examined, as the Germans on this mouth guard recommendation have responded.

To the question, “what the occasion you currently have a protection that covers the mouth and nose?” was shared during the investigation period from the 17.04.2020 to 21.04.2020 total 5.003 people your personal experiences.

The German mouth guards are lazy?

Mouth guard lovers do not seem to be the German accordingly.

While the global online booming trade for respiratory protection masks and the models of day-to-day creative, according to the representative of high bill, almost half of all German basically without any protection in front of the door.

Just 6.4 percent, provide for a covering of the mouth and nose as soon as you leave the house.

Especially seniors, seem to attach importance to the protection of others.

You are never left without a nose and mouth covering of the house, with a share of about 10 percent, the age group most represented.

Mouth protection, especially when shopping

After all, 34.4 per cent of the German cover, in the meantime, when shopping, mouth and nose – a little bit surprising result in view of the ongoing Corona pandemic.

Because in spite of the efforts by the security personnel in many supermarkets, it is still a challenge, the 1.5-Meter safety distance consistently adhered to.

May is, therefore, especially in densely populated areas, the desire to Wear a mouth guard greater than in the case of the people that can go in more sparsely populated areas of Germany, better out of the way.

Coronavirus: mask mandatory in many States

The survey gives an interesting insight into how obvious the German population responded to the voluntary recommendation to Wear a mouth guard.

In just a few days, the collected Numbers will change, even.

Namely, when in many States, protective masks must not be voluntary, but, by regulation worn, especially in public transport and while shopping.

Yet a mask is mandatory in trade and transport in Saxony as well as in cities like Potsdam, Frankfurt and Münster is.

But this week, also axes are to proceed according to the same pattern-Anhalt and Thuringia, and from next week other States to follow:

  • Hamburg (from 27. April)
  • Baden-Württemberg (from the 27. April)
  • Bavaria (from the 27. April)
  • Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (as of 27. April)
  • Schleswig-Holstein (from 29. April)

To reducing medical, breathing protection masks unnecessarily, experts advise by the way to wear self-stitched fabric masks.

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*The contribution of “protection against the Coronavirus: the German is now breathing masks?” is published by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.