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The world, meet new people, discover new cultures and share travel has always been seen as an extension of the horizon.

And the German have very much fun with it. Every year they have been ranked in the travel-most joyful Nations of the Top three, the last one in 2018, behind only the USA and China.

But for some time also a bit of a guilty Conscience adds to the travel euphoria. Of course you want to see the world, but at the same time you want to obtain the planet for the next generations.

And although the science has been pointing for years to the fact that we emit too much CO2, it needed only the 17-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, so that the world makes sustainable Action for the global theme.

The first evidence for a change in thinking can be identified: Thought of 2017, only one in Ten on the subject of travel explicitly to the protection of the environment, it was 2019 already 23 percent.

And also the tourism industry is responding and there are Now many ways to make holidays eco-aware(he).

1. Clever pack

Just take what you really need is to have several levels of sense. With a small Luggage, it is much more flexible, less drag, and can better take care of it.

In addition, more weight also means more emissions. Whether in the car, in the train and on the plane.

2. Local patriotism

It feels wonderful to be familiar with when you can be anywhere in the world at the same fast food chain food. But trying something New makes much more fun.

Even more important is that thanks to regional products the local economy and the Locals benefit from it.

3. On animal protection

Why does it have to be the speed boat action? On a guided Tour with the kayak you can see more, and Flora and Fauna are protected.

Elephant-Riding monkey or circus are anything other than a treat for the animals. Walks are gentle and with luck you can see animals in the wild.

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4. Better to invest more

Clearly, we are always on the lookout for the cheapest flight, but if it was supposed to be the long-distance trip, then please always direct flights.

The are usually a bit more expensive, but it is faster on target and also the load due to pollutant emissions decreases in the sum.

5. Leave no trace

Actually, as a matter of course, but if you happen to be in the nature, leaves nothing behind. If no waste containers are present, bottles, paper and co. brought back.

The opposite is true for stones, shells or other Souvenirs from nature. The stay there!

6. Carefully on the road

And stayed is moved, if it is possible, on a solid surface. To Rocky, well-trodden paths, gravel, dry Grass or snow include.

So common ground can be so quickly no traces behind, or where there is no sustainable damage can occur.

7. Take your time

Slow travel helps to protect the environment. Less of a rush to the next Destination and to use as less transport is much more relaxed, and the CO2-footprint is smaller.

In addition, you get to know the area properly.

8. Seal check

Not only in vegetables and meat, you can pay attention to eco-labels. The TourCert label identifies sustainability and corporate responsibility in tourism.

The European eco-label is awarded to Hostels and camping places with a high environmental commitment.

9. With brains enjoy

What is true at home, is not a bad idea to Travel. So just the To-go cups or the lunch box in the backpack throw. Perfect for coffee in the City – stroll or a Sandwich in between.

Advantage: A lot of packaging waste can be easily avoided.

10. Less is more

The Armada of towels in the Hotel looks great, but all this must not be overused. Everyday Change is not necessary.

By the way: Long showers, just because you have the time and it does not have to pay yourself, is unnecessary and consumes the often scarce resource of drinking water.

Andreas Coenen

*The contribution of “Green time out: 10 tips for sustainable travel” is published by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.